Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Community, New Economy, New Reality

Being away from blogging for a while, I struggled with how to get back into it. The last time I blogged, I was working in a technical industry and the posts were more technical and professional than from the heart. This is my opportunity to change that. I was running today and the phrase "New Community, New Economy, New Reality" came to my mind. I think the realities of the last four years have finally set in. Alas, things will never, ever, ever be the same after the last four years...I'm going to start this SERIES with my comments on "New Community."

As a new member of the Phoenix community, I have mixed feelings about our relocation here. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Phoenix...love the weather...love the environment...love the people...even love the summers. But...there is always a but...the market is fairly young and immature compared to the rest of the US. This has left me with many bumps and bruises during the last four years.

I am committed to my community more now than ever before. I have been working in the area of Human Trafficking for almost three years. I was shocked to learn of the problem of, specifically, sex trafficking here in Phoenix. Now, I'm acting as Community Advocate to build awareness of the issue and to drive resources back to the exploited. A war of sorts! Phoenix has such great potential. I hope to be part of the solution here and not part of the problem.

I will be talking further about our community and Human Trafficking in future blogs...so stay tuned. So much to learn, so much to discuss.