Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/28 Republican Speeches: In a Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Ann Romney's speech:
Word Cloud of Chris Christie's speech:

I was struck today by the discussions and debates around the speeches offered during the Republican Convention last night. So, I thought I would take each of the transcripts from both Ann Romney (top) and Chris Christie (below) and put together a word cloud for each.  I love doing this because it provides insight into the use of words and how that lines up with theme's from the speeches.

One of the most notable things about these two word clouds is that Mitt's name barely appears in either.  Some are asking if this is an exercise in advancing the GOP platform or if it truly is about Mitt Romney's policies and leadership abilities.  This certainly begs that question.

Another interesting thing about Ann Romney's speech is that it lacked in really any kind of consistent theme.  While I think it was her best attempt to be the softer side of the candidate and the GOP, stressing words like moms, love, want, America, it is severely lacking in vision.  As a "Mom," I "want" to see "love" lead in "America."  Today, "money" leads in America and we haven't heard specific details of a plan that appeals to this ideal of moms driving the economy.  To me, this is a lost opportunity...she could have called me...I would have been glad to write THAT speech!

Lastly, I find Chris Christie's use of words very telling about his personality.  He's speaking like a lawyer using words like believe, truth, etc.  Notice the words care, family, love and future are tiny...he clearly was trying to convince the American people of HIS version of the truth.  Added with his emphatic tone, his approach seemed desperate and inauthentic to say the least. The sad truth is that there will be some who will respond to his authoritative, "I KNOW what's best for you" style.  I find his style very egomaniacal, and frankly, very consistent with playground bullying.

This exercise is unique and telling...I look forward to contrasting the different speakers and the different parties over the course of the next few please check back.

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