Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Content efficacy

Content is a funny thing. I have been working on the content side of publishing and marketing technologies for almost 20 years. For those I talk with today who are new to the business, they get excited about the opportunity there. I, of course, can't help but giggle. Content has so little value in our society right now. Unfortunately, this is an outcome of supply...too many points of distribution. It needs to be "right-sized"'s long overdue.

As part of my previous posts, I have been talking about integrated communications. It seems a new channel of communication is birthed each year. Early in my career (I'm aging myself here), there were only really three channels of communication...print, broadcast and radio. As the internet became another viable distribution channel, companies added an "internet" or "dot com" team to handle this distribution. But they kept coming, and coming, and what do we have eight? Ten? The cool thing is, they all play an important role. Some communities like to receive messages via e-mail, some via traditional mail, some broadcast, get the idea. Organizations are struggling with how to distribute to all of these new channels without creating all new silos that are responsible for packaging content to these distribution channels.

This is where content production automation becomes a critical factor. The future of communicating through all of these new channels is to develop automation or spraying applications that will provide the contextual formatting required to translate these assets to the proper channel. This isn't about re-purposing content from traditional channels anymore. This is about managing the content pieces and parts and then automating, through templates, the actual production and distribution. It all comes back to centralized, enterprise-wide content management!

It is amazing how things come around full circle. Enterprise content management was a technology I was advocating back in the late nineties. It is required NOW more than EVER! Get on board...feel free to call me on this if you have any questions!