Thursday, September 17, 2009

My first blog: An introduction to me

So, I have a question?? Is it possible to be TOO open-minded?? If the answer is "yes," then I could be accused of being far too open-minded. As the youngest of nine kids, I had NO CHOICE but to be open-minded. Plans, directions, HECK-names, were changed at a moment's notice. It was rather humorous to grow up in this definitely defined me in a big way. Thus, the name of this blog. As someone who is very strategic, I often find myself identifying trends and adopting "emerging" before most others. Painful, I know. But this is a gift, right? This is a strength of mine that I need to embrace. Sometimes I wish I could see things in nice neat packages. That's not me though. So, in an effort to embrace this gift, and the many others God gave me, I've decided to start blogging about them! Welcome to Musings from an Open Mind. And remember, a closed mind is a terrible thing to waste!